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Protex TUFFY 7 Gauge: WHITE Thicker Covers

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Most vinyl pants are 2-4 gauge vinyl plastic. These pants are 7-gauge DURABLE and STURDY vinyl material that can withstand your longest days and your most active nighttime sleeping. Many years ago we named this pant the "Tuffy" pant simply because of the TOUGHNESS and RELIABILITY. 

TUFFY pants are a full-coverage, bulky fitting cover, built for endurance. The leg openings are forward-facing, meaning there is more coverage across the rear and the crotch area is super roomy for even your bulkiest diaper. 

TUFFY 7 Gauge Pants come in 2 styles: 

Milky White with Plastic-Covered elastics (formerly #228)

Milky White with UNcovered elastics (formerly #232)

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CLICK BELOW to watch a video showing the different elastic styles: