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When you place an online order with us, you can depend on our secure server to protect your privacy. Placing an order with Big Baby Gear requires certain information, including your name, shipping address, and a phone number or email address. We ask for these things in the rare event we would need to contact you about your order. If you are concerned about us contacting you, please let us know! 

Your payment information will NOT be stored on our site. We have no control over this and are not able to hold your payment information from order to order. 

YOUR personal computer or device may have a way to store payment information for future purchases. However, our company and our website do NOT have a way to store payment information. 


If you feel more comfortable making a phone order, we are also happy to help with that. Please call (210) 405-6993 and ask for Jeremy. Our secure phone server can also allow you to leave private voicemail messages if you would rather schedule a time to talk to us. We will never call your number with a detailed message, and will be identified as our name, not our company.

Our customer service representatives have years of experience with the AB/DL lifestyle and provide a non-judgemental, listening ear for your concerns. Our top priority is helping you find the products you need and want. At times, if Big Baby Gear does not have what you are looking for, we are usually able to direct you to another place that will have what you need. 

When ordering over the phone, it is helpful to have your sizing and payment  information handy. 

Whether placing an online order OR a phone order: We do not and will not sell your private information. Your information will never be shared with any person or another company. Ever.


Our packing materials consists of plain white bubble mailers and plain brown boxes. There are no logos or markings on either to signify what is inside.

Our return address on the label is simply "PM" with our address below.

If shipping privacy is a concern, please contact us directly (email, call, or text 210-405-6993) before placing your order. 


Upon placing your order, if you have provided an email address, you will receive an email confirmation of the order. Also if you have provided an email address, you will receive an email upon the shipment of your order, with a tracking number included so you may track your order. 

If you would rather not provide an email address, you are more than welcome to call us at (210) 405-6993 or use the chat and we can help you track your order in that manner.

From this point on, the order information is only kept in our computer for the purposes of returns/exchanges and is not available anywhere else or sold to anyone or any company. 


By signing up for an account, you are providing us with your name and email address. This means you can "Log In" when placing an order and your information will be saved. (However, payment information is NOT stored.)

Having an account means you can check a box that says "Yes, I'd like marketing emails" or "No, do not send me marketing emails." You are free to change this at any time, just call, email, or chat to let us know. 


Big Baby Gear is the "offshoot" of Protex Medical, and share the same owners and customer service representatives. If you would rather purchase Big Baby Gear products under the name of Protex Medical, we can do this via phone order only. Please call Jeremy at (210) 405-6993 to place a phone order.