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LAST CALL: Protex Collector's Edition - Flexible Clear

$24.95 $27.95

Adult Diaper Cover for preventing leaks while wearing cloth or disposable diapers. FLEXIBLE CLEAR vinyl plastic, made in the USA. Flexible Clear Material is thinner, more see-through, and more flexible, see photo

Waist and leg elastics are COVERED with plastic. (For UNcovered, please check out our "BROOKS" vinyl covers.)

Built for supreme comfort with non-textured vinyl and forward-facing leg openings for a fuller cut across the rear. Heat-welded side seams have been added for extra durability, plus the waistband and leg band elastics have been double-stitched and covered with vinyl for an added level of strength. Each pant weighs about 3 oz. for a lightweight feel while still keeping you comfortable and confident.  

Let’s find your size!

We recommend finding your leg measurement first and then the waist measurement afterwards. The leg opening is generally where leaks will occur and this way you will have a proper fit for maximum coverage. Also, if you plan on wearing a diaper or other incontinence product underneath, you might consider going up one size.

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