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Felicity Pull-On Disposables: 2 PACK


Super Absorbent, Pull-up Style Disposables

Felicity brings absorbent underwear into a whole new realm with it's advanced features and impressive capacity.  Felicity Super Absorbent Underwear is the most absorbent protective underwear available.

  • The RAPID-ABSORB technology and advanced odor control provide both comfort and confidence.
  • This easy to use pull-on design provides active comfort for day and night.  Sturdy, yet soft cotton-like materials feel more like underwear than a diaper.
  • Gentle leg gathers ensure confidence, even in active users and side sleepers. Leak guards stand 3.8cm tall for unparallelled protection.
  • Easy TEAR-AWAY SIDES make removal and disposal a breeze.
  • Not your grocery store disposable diaper for women. These have been customized for fit and endurance and ensured for comfort.

Designed by women, for women.  

HOW MANY DIAPERS AM I GETTING?  2 pairs of diapers


    Best Fit

    Maximum Fit

    S/M 22-36" 18-38"







    XL + 48-58" 40-58"

    WHY ARE THEY SO EXPENSIVE? These are a High-Quality disposable diaper and are available for you here at so that you can find your PERFECT FIT. When you are ready to purchase larger bags or cases, please see the "InControl" company website at