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Diaper Snap Wraps by Rearz: Fun Prints

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Finally a touch-tape adult diaper cover! Meet the SNAP WRAP!

From Rearz, The SNAP WRAP cover features an inner gusset to use with inserts. Plus, the full width crotch and leg gussets can accommodate full cut diapers. Snap Wrap Covers can also be used with disposable booster pads for a hybrid adult diapering experience that is more environmentally friendly. 

Fold-back laundry tabs make for easy care.

SIZE: One size design can be adjusted to fit waist sizes from 26-42 inches. Cover has an adjustable rise and waist so you can get the perfect fit.

MATERIAL: waterproof TPU outer shell

CARE: Like the outer part of a pocket diaper, use a heavy duty, full wash cycle with warm water and a residue, softener, bleach free detergent. Hang to dry or dry on low temperature.