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Adult Baby Bottle: Vintage-Style Glass


The perfect bottle blank for either customization or that classic vintage look!

This bottle is all glass with a new triple vented, fast flow silicone nipple. Besides the printed measuring guide this bottle is completely clear of any marks. From our friends at Rearz.


  • All Borosilicate glass bottle with a capacity of 500ml
  • Medical grade silicone nipple
  • Fast flow vented silicone nipple with X style hole
  • Measuring guide printed on side of bottle
  • White coloured cap
  • Glass bottle is 21cm tall and with lid is 26cm
  • Contents: Glass Bottle, screw on ring with fast flow nipple, dust cover /cap

CARE: Hand wash with regular dish soap. To extend the life of the print on the bottle we do not recommend machine washing. (Our tests have shown after 5 washes there was no visible fading after machine washing.)