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Protex Overnight "BROOKS" Pant (high-waist)



Works great as an ADULT DIAPER COVER as a waterproof layer of protection against leaks. Can be used over washable or disposable adult diapers. 

Smooth, texture-free vinyl plastic, made from FLEXIBLE .004 gauge plastic and has heat welded side seams for maximum durability. The 3/4" waist and leg bands are uncovered elastic. (Our Collector's Edition pant has covered elastic)

The extra wide crotch will be a plus for those of you who wear a diaper or other incontinence product underneath. If you want a tight fit and don't wear a diaper under them, please order the next smallest size. This is a HIGH-RISE brief, meaning elastic sits an extra 3 inches (on average) higher on the waist than our regular "I Can't Believe it's Not Gerber" pant.

Yes, this diaper cover is REUSABLE! Simply wash with a mild detergent and air dry. Any of our "I Can't Believe it's NOT Gerber" pants can last 50-100 washings before developing tears or defects.