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Protex Flexi-Pant: A plastic cover for sensitive skin


FLEXIBLE, double-tensile strength plastic cover that works even for those with PVC allergies.

A lightweight that performs like a heavyweight: now that's FLEXIBLE.

Made of durable DOUBLE TENSILE STRENGTH vinyl plastic, this pant is extremely smooth (feels like wearing cellophane) and weighs a mere 2.9 ounces. 

The forward-facing leg openings give you more room across the rear (6 more inches) and more coverage in the back. Heat-serged side seams make for sturdy wearing that won't come apart easily. 


For an extra layer of protection, the Flexi-Pant can be worn alone or layered over a cloth diaper, training pant, or disposable diaper. Waistbands are stretchy, uncovered cotton-nylon elastic. 

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