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Pocket Diapers: Fun Prints

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Fully-adjustable, washable, with a POCKET to hold your Doubler Pads and inserts!

Waterproof TPU outer layer and bamboo terry inner are designed to be comfortable and breathable for hotter days. Also features leg gussets for extra protection at leg openings. 

Lots of snaps for an adjustable waist and rise. One 4 ply microfiber insert included (insert is 20 x 49 cm). Additional inserts sold separately. 

SIZING: One size. Waist range is 28-46 inches, but BEST fit would be 33-42 inches. 

MATERIAL: TPU outer, bamboo terry inner

CARE: Remove the absorbent insert from the inner pocket so that you have two separate pieces. Both the pocket diaper’s PUL outer and the absorbent insert can be washed together in a washing machine. Use a heavy duty, full wash cycle with warm (not hot) water and a residue, softener, bleach free detergent. Either hang both the diaper and insert up to dry or place them into the dryer on low temperature. Heavily soiled diapers may require a pre-wash with detergent prior to the main wash with detergent.