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zzz Purple Royal Adult Training Pant, size Medium

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LAST CALL: Only 1 color: Purple Royale. Only 1 size: Medium (White training pant in photos is to show style.

These adult training pants feature a SUPER THICK CENTER PANEL with enough absorbency for almost a bladder full. These are for light to medium incontinence when used alone. This pull-on pant is easy to wear, rinse, wash, and reuse.

These are an excellent tool for toilet training as well AND feature double the padding of a regular training pant.

These are not waterproof, so we recommend using them with a clear plastic pant for maximum protection.

Made of soft materials for those sensitive to fully synthetic incontinence aids.


Medium Only: fits best on 24-34 inch waist 

Care for Training Pants:

Training pants can be washed like ordinary underwear if they are not heavily soiled. Place them into the washer along with your usual laundry and then dry them in the dryer. Use low-medium heat when drying to extend the life of the item.