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InControl Premium Nights Briefs with Whiff-X Technology



What makes the Premium Nights+Whiff-X outstanding: 

  • Hypoallergenic Triple Protection Core, made with all-natural compounds
  • Whiff-X Technology actively neutralizes odors and bacteria during AND AFTER use, so even the diaper bin smells fresher
  • Designed for heavy duty use
  • Heavy duty, smooth, black outer
  • Re-fastenable tape tabs with Maximum reinforced tape landing zone
  • Stretch elastics around waist AND legs
  • High standing leg guards extending the length of the brief, containing leaks and keeping any booster pads from shifting
  • Contains both bladder & bowel incontinence with ease
  • Lab-tested to protect for overnight 12-HOUR capacity
  • Manufactured in Canada by InControl

HOW MANY DIAPERS AM I GETTING?  2 pairs of diapers


Best Fit

Maximum Fit

Capacity (in grams)


30-40 inches 26-47 inches

5426 g

Large 33-42 inches

32-52 inches

5815 g

Extra Large

36-47 inches

33-57 inches

5661 g

WHY ARE THEY SO EXPENSIVE? These are High-Quality disposable diaper and are available for you here at so that you can find your PERFECT FIT. When you are ready to purchase 12-pack bags or 36-pack cases, please check out the InControl website at