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zzz Rearz Disposable Diaper: Lil' Monsters

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This is an adult disposable diaper with strong double tapes at the top and a very soft inner lining. Those of you who have tried our "Footprint" Disposable diapers in the past will notice the core is wider and thicker. Suitable for DAYTIME or NIGHTTIME USE. 

  • tall-standing leak guards
  • elastic waistbands (front & back)
  • thick plastic outer
  • reinforced frontal tape "landing" zone (makes re-fastening easy)
  • LIGHTLY SCENTED odor control
  • special distribution channel
  • 8-Hour protection (great for daytime)
  • wetness indicator
  • 4 sticky tapes

    WHY ARE THEY SO EXPENSIVE? These are High-Quality disposable diaper and are available for you here at Big Baby Gear so that you can find your PERFECT FIT. When you are ready to purchase 12-pack bags or 36-pack cases, please see the "Rearz" company website at

    Please check the size chart before ordering: 


    Best Fit

    Maximum Fit


    30" to 40"

    26" to 47"


    39" to 44"

    30" to 54"

    Extra Large

    36" to 47"

    33" to 57"